Monday, February 9, 2009

Avoid the Legs

Lesson learned today. 

You may at some point find yourself dealing with a psychotic patient, and you may even have to draw blood on said patients. This requires a whole team of people, at least two to hold down the unwilling/uncooperative patient, and another to draw the blood. When holding down patients arms please be mindful to use entire body weight, as a patient under stress tends to have significant strength and will if possible attempt to slap/hit/smack/punch/ or bite their way to freedom. I managed to hold down my assigned arm effectively the second round (narrowly avoided teeth on the first try), and just when I though I was well and clear of the ordeal I find a pudgy foot smacking into my side as the patient screams in Spanish "DIABLO", "TODOS DIABLOS AQUI" or "DEVILS" "ALL DEVILS HERE". Oh I love my job! 

And for those that think we're horribly mean to restrain the patient, I don't like doing it, but the patient was unable to make sound decisions for themselves and the procedure was necessary in order to treat the temporary disease they were experiencing. No doctor enjoys performing procedures without the patients approval. 

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