Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's been some time now since a new post, for which I apologize. I will with all due diligence try to maintain this in better working order. The Bronx finished up nicely, i never felt out of place....ok well maybe a little but i enjoyed my time. Got to practice Spanish and see something I've never seen. After i moved to Michigan for a few months and LOVED surgery, do believe that will be what i do with my life, and now I'm back in Maine teaching anatomy and OMM. Loving working with the students, and think the extra year has really helped learn what i need to do to make it through the next phase of my life.

During the past 6 months I've done multiple road bike races, time trials, a half marathon, and the BIG event a 24 hour Ultracycling race. The road bike races went well. I've found I'm a wonderful domestique able to accelerate through the flats and drag a group with me to the end. The big race the 24 hour race was one of the hardest things i had ever done in my life. At the end i was simply pure exhaustion and pain. I placed 4th overall and 1st in my age group with 360.3 miles (only 9 miles seperated 2nd through 4th, a long time for three guys to battle it all out). Brianna and my brother Mark were amazing crew members and i couldn't have done it without their amazing support.

I'll have to write more later about that race, and my future plans. For now staying in shape and running a few 5k's. Swimming again but still debating if i will do more triathlons. They are just so expensive when running or riding a road bike race is only 20-30$. The question is do i love tri's more than cycling?

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