Saturday, February 7, 2009

A little While

Well it has been a little while since I've been really able to sit down and make a post. I think seeing the newsletter about me from Evotri prompted me to get back in here and write a few things down.

Some updates, as you know I passed boards, and I'm currently living in the Bronx working in internal medicine in the Bronx. Before this I was up in Waterville Maine doing Family practice. Family practice ended up being a lot more interesting than I thought it would I got to do joint injections, remove toenails, biopsy skin. It was a pretty good month, and it helped to have a great doc to work with. Dr. Charlebois was a wonderful teacher, and is an excellent doctor for minor procedures. Learning how to take off someone's toenail was by far the coolest thing I did there.

For the past week I've been living in a basement studio apartment in the Bronx. I'll be here for another 2 months. The medicine in an inner city hospital is interesting. The resources seem to be all there but the nursing staff is a little hot and cold. Some seem to really enjoy their jobs and go around smiling and having a great day, while others begin counting down the seconds that they get to go home as soon as they get to the floor. I was noticing near the end of my shift on friday that at all times there are two independent conversations going on at all times. One is amongst the nursing/housekeeping staff, and the other is among the doctors. I'm not sure why at this moment, but at least in this hospital there is a large separation between the two peoples. It's an unfortunate thing to see. But other than that small issue everything is going great, the patients are all interesting, the area is really nice with lots of good food, and I like what I'm doing. No interesting stories as of yet, but I'm sure they will come.

Training is going well, I think because of all the traveling and late hours I'll be working this coming year, biking will be more of a priority this year. I'm going to do more bike races through the summer, and then next year when I'm in the fellowship I'll start to re-train for triathlons. I may do a few sprints this year but the priority is going to be in biking. I'm excited to see how it all goes.

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