Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to Loose $260

Well so I did it, I made my one bonehead move in the Bronx. I got sucked in my those damn street gamblers and managed to loose a very good chunk of change. I was betting and getting each bet right time after time, and then when it mattered I managed to loose it all in one fell swoop. So the lesson learned today is that you're not smarter than the street card guys, and to never ever bet on stupid shit again. To make myself feel better about the whole situation I'm going to strictly limit the amount I spend over the next few months to try and make back some of that money within my budget. God I feel like a big looser, but well good stories and I know from now on never ever to do that again. Some lessons are just much harder to learn in the pocket than others.

So i implore all 2 of you that read this blog to never gamble on street guys! lol

Goal for the next month - to live on $100 or less a week I'll update on how that goes.

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