Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Time of Waiting

Well without the scores in last week I'm in a waiting game for the board scores. In the mean time I started training again. Today was the first pool day in over a month. I did a mix of strokes working to not feel completely out of shape but woefully failed. I mean when three girls get in the pool and start kicking my ass on every lap machoism goes right out the window and all I'm left with is the goal of not drowning in their wake. 

Started trying to play the guitar again, another not so easy thing since natural rhythm doesn't come easy to me, but hey in my mind everyone should be able to play some kind of instrument. Figured I'll take twice the normal time and learn an instrument and be happy about it (besides aren't guitar's chick magnets?). 

The first snow fall has come and gone with bitter cold to go with it. I can't wait to go somewhere warm or for summer to come back. But the good news is the shortest day of the year is about to occur on the 21st and after that nothing but longer days aimed toward summer.  

Carpe Diem  

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